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United States

Sheefa is a young and fresh new source of Local raw honey. Based in Anaheim, California our responsibility is to provide pure honey with two promises kept in mind: first is that this honey is guaranteed 100% raw, second is that this honey is produced in local California. Sheefa means 'healing' and with local raw honey, that is what you are guaranteed. Known throughout history honey has always been looked at as a source of healing because of its many benefits. Raw honey is a source of natural healthy sugars with trace amounts of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It is a versatile product in culinary, beauty, throat-soothing applications, as well as a source of energy for athletic needs. We hope that with every jar of Sheefa (healing) that you be granted Sheefa! 

Shipping Info

Sheefa currently ships only within the U.S. We have taken measures to help reduce the cost for shipping on our clients. Based on the fact that every jar of honey is 1 lb we have used this to help calculate the shipping cost.

  • 1-3lb orders will have a flat rate shipping cost of $7.55

  • 4 lb orders will have a flate rate shipping of $12.85

  • 5-8 lb orders will have a flate rate shipping of $17.65